The power of a genuine “Thank You”

Last week I was having a rather intense discussion about Customer Experience strategy with our Head of Customer and Product Experience and during the course of it, he told me about this interesting article he came across on HBR – Do You Really Need to Say Thank You?

Buried in the limitless engineering tasks at hand, I decided to take it up as weekend reading. After reading it a few times over the weekend, the simplicity of the concept blew my mind!

We have hundreds of potential customers signing up for trials every day. We have over 1000 customers using our products across the world. We have so many of them contributing to making our product better with each passing day. They make us who we are.

So there is struck me. Every such touch point is an opportunity for us to thank them. I wanted to genuinely acknowledge their contribution without spamming them.  So on Monday morning, I rolled out a new email template for our trial users.  Nothing fancy about it, just a sincere gratitude for the association that has already begun!

Power of Thank you

A genuine and heart-felt “thank you” can go a long way— It feels good already.

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Author:  Nikhil Daddikar, Co-Founder, Celoxis Technologies

Nikhil  Daddikar - Co-Founder, Celoxis Technologies
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