Celoxis v9.0 is out; cool features, integrations, enhancements and a lot more

Today we released Celoxis 9.0, the latest version of our enterprise project management tool. This is our third release this year, providing users an array of new features, integrations, enhancements and a lot more.

Celoxis v9.0 - The next level in Project Management

Here are the highlights of Celoxis v9.0:

Salesforce integration through Celoxis Salesforce App 

With Celoxis’ Salesforce.com app, your sales team can stay top of customer needs at all times. Sales teams can initiate, assign, manage and track customer projects within the bounds of Salesforce. Get your sales and project teams on the same page and ensure successful business outcomes. Learn more

Advanced Capacity planning

Get an accurate view of resource load, utilization, capacity and efficiency for better resource planning and management. With Celoxis, you get 5 out-of-the-box tools for planning current and future projects. Learn more

Updates for Celoxis Custom Apps

Celoxis’ most popular feature Custom apps gets new updates

  • New pre-defined apps: We have added 2 new apps to our library; New Project Approval and Change Request.
  • Draft mode for Apps: You can now save the apps you are building in “Draft mode” till you are ready to launch them.
  • Selective Client Access: Provide selective access to clients for your custom apps. You choose what they can use.
  • Subscription to Apps: Users can now subscribe to custom apps to receive updates and notifications.

Date Specific Analysis

With new month and year columns, you can leave the guesswork out and directly abstract valuable information from your date-specific data to make important business decisions.

User Experience enhancements

  • Easily start task timers directly from your task or app item.
  • Active timer is prominently displayed on the main menu for quick recall.
  • Quickly copy repetitive tasks across projects and build your WBS faster.
  • Simpler action drop down for tasks, enabling easier user updates.

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Blog Author: Sanket Pai, Head, Customer & Product Experience at Celoxis

Sanket Pai
About Celoxis:

Celoxis Technologies is a global leader in PPM & project management software, helping enterprises become more productive and profitable. They are one of India’s first SaaS companies, founded in 2001 and headquartered in the western city of Pune. Celoxis is rated among 10 best project management software tools in the world and is deployed by more than 1000 customers globally, spanning various industry verticals. To know more visit http://www.celoxis.com

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