7 short must-watch videos on Leadership

There is a never-ending quest to find the right leadership model for implementing successful projects. Leadership, contrary to perception, is not just limited to the top tier of the organization. Leadership is for every individual irrespective of their level in the organizational hierarchy. In this blog I intend to highlight 7 facets of leadership for project managers, and team members.

1. Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO, on “Listening”

Angela sends out a strong message out to new and experienced PMs by speaking about her leadership style in this video.

2. Tom Peters, Management Guru, on “It’s always Showtime”

Tom, through his talk, underlines the importance of leading by example whether you are trying to or not. As a project manager, you are always been watched for your actions. They need to always magnify or echo the policy message you are trying to convey.

3. Steve Jobs, Apple Ex-CEO, on “Trust and Supporting Ideas”

Steve Jobs reveals the 4 keys to Apple’s success: Trust, Teamwork, Support new Ideas and Break down Hierarchy.

4. Robin Sharma, Management Guru, on “It’s all about People”

Robin Sharma reminds us that leadership is simple. Through his Vlog, he stresses that leadership starts and ends with people.

5. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank, Head, on “Developing a Thick Skin”

Jim Yong Kim talks about developing a thick skin in patches – having both the toughness and the humility to handle criticism.

6. Michelle Kwan, Olympic figure skater, on “Resilience”

Michelle Kwan exemplifies having resilience and putting up a brave front to all challenges as a crucial leadership quality.


7. A clip from the movie Remember the Titans, on “Attitude”

There may be several qualities for a leader, like being selfless, or speaking up for your people, but on a fundamental note, its your attitude that reflects your leadership.

Blog Author: Sanket Pai, Head, Customer & Product Experience at Celoxis

Sanket Pai
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