INFOGRAPHIC: The Many Avatars of Project Managers

The Project Manager role is one of the most challenging roles in an organization. It has so many facets and requires a whole plethora of skills. The future proof project manager will need to adapt to complex business environments and be multi-faceted to achieve success in the role. In this infographic, we look at the many avatars of project managers…Hollywood Style! Enjoy!

Celoxis Infographic: The many Avatars of Project Managers


Which Avatar are you? Leave a comment with a picture of your avatar.

Concept: Sanket Pai, Head, Customer & Product Experience at Celoxis

About Celoxis:

Celoxis is a comprehensive project management tool that helps companies streamline management of projects, time sheets, expenses and business processes, specific to their organization. Over the last decade, Celoxis has specialized in delivering improved collaboration and increased efficiency for teams of all sizes, both in SMB and Enterprise segments. To know more visit 

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