5 Steps to Winding Down this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year. It’s snowing, the Christmas decorations are in full swing, vacations are being planned. It’s just all so festive. Going into the holiday season while joyous, could also be stressful sometimes, especially from a project management perspective. In our last blog for the year, we give you 5 steps to winding down for the holiday season.

Holiday Season - Christmas and New year
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Take Stock

With everyone gearing up the holiday season, the week before the break is a crucial time for project leaders. As a Project leader, you need to review the project status down to the last detail to ensure there are no loose ends in terms of risks, quality and agreed milestones. It’s best to have a thorough look at project data and run multiple drill down reports.

Raise flags even if painful

As painful as it may be, it must be done. A Project Risk today will remain a risk even after the break. It might only increase in magnitude later. Its best to raise the red flag when there is time, not when it’s too late. Having a mitigation strategy in place before going into the break will save a lot of heartburn for a lot of people coming back into work in the New Year.


A pre-holiday status communication is a great practice to follow. Once you have taken stock of the project, create an informative status report that could be sent to stakeholders, customers and teams to let them know where things are presently. It serves as a good reference point both when going into holidays and when coming back to work. As mentioned in the previous point, risks should be communicated to, even if it means ruining the holiday cheer for a bit. It’s always better knowing that a problem exists rather than having it blow up in your face after a great holiday season.

Plan ahead

Everyone has holiday plans; some plan for 2 weeks, others for more. This could easily turn into a resource planning nightmare when you come back. Have a forward looking resource plan in place that ensures the gaps due to staggered unavailability are addressed. Also account for unplanned emergencies due to vacation extensions. Knowing that you are geared up for the New Year is always a good feeling to have during the holidays.

Relax, switch off and enjoy the holidays

We all have had an interesting, eventful and busy year. As you wind down at work, ready to lock up your office drawers and power down your computers, it’s good to get a team huddle together, look back, and reflect on your accomplishments and highlights. That’s the best way to bring in the good times. You can step out of office feeling accomplished, ready to put your feet up and enjoy the holidays!

Celoxis Christmas Greetings
Source: Pixabay.com

We’ve had a fun 2015 bringing you project management thought leaderships, tips and reports. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did creating it. We wish you the best of times! Happy Holidays!

Author: Sanket Pai, Head, Customer & Product Experience at Celoxis

Sanket Pai

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