2016 Resolutions for Effective Project Management

New Year Resolutions have a bad name…mostly because they don’t last more than a few days, ironically due to lack of resolve. With the hope that 2016 helps us all with the much needed resolve, we share with you some resolutions to make and keep this year!

2016 Resolutions for effective project management
Credit: Pixabay.com
  1. Strive to be Leaders – Managing is about meeting expectations. Leading is paving the way!
  2. Treat people as humans, not resources – Resources are what the industry calls them, but leaders don’t see them as task robots; they see them as humans and treat them accordingly
  3. Leverage technology effectively – Extract the most out of your project management tools; capture, analyse, monitor and report for project success.
  4. Communicate & Collaborate – Stakeholders, Customers, Contractors, teams and other organizational functions need to be on the same page to ensure success
  5. Choose quality over quantity – Time, money and effort are three key aspects of work. To be effective in the workplace, quality of these parameters rather than quantity, will determine business outcomes.
  6. Create and propagate organizational culture – The difference between getting work done to getting quality work done is culture.
  7. Enhance career not just resume – Focus on skills – Skill development must be a high priority both for yourself and for your teams. That’s the only way to a successful career.
  8. Add data to instinct – Project leaders need to sharpen their instinct when it comes to people, process and risk management. Data oriented mind-set will help support those instincts for better decision making
  9. Success demands a happy mind and healthy body – To stay sharp and focused, maintain a healthy work life balance, exercise and meditate to keep stress at bay
  10. Work with vision, determination and focus – At work, there will be the good, the bad and the ugly. Have a vision to look forward to, the determination to work hard and the focus to see it through.

Project Management is all about bringing people, tools and culture together. As a Project Leader, you need to maintain the balance through the year, through the good times and the bad to ensure that the projects are delivered with high quality, on time and within budget. Wishing you all a successful 2016!

Author: Sanket Pai, Head, Customer & Product Experience at Celoxis

Sanket Pai

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