Seven Ways To Build A Highly Motivated Project Team

Motivation is personal. We can only evoke certain feelings in others, but they must motivate themselves. This explains why when attending a presentation by a motivational speaker, most attendees are so pumped and motivated. However, when they go home, the positive spirit suddenly plummets.

It is for the project’s best interest that everybody involved in a project is highly motivated. The more the members are motivated, their productivity and work quality increase. Thus, one of a project manager’s most challenging tasks is motivating teams and keeping the motivation level high.

Now, how can a project manager build a highly motivated team? There are at least seven ways to do so.

First, hire positive people

Some people are naturally more positive than others. Whenever possible, hire more positive individuals than negative thinkers. When a team comprises of positive individuals, they can motivate each other better, thus reducing conflict possibility.

Second, ensure the project processes are efficient

Project processes must be efficient to ensure there are no overlapping activities and minimal uncertainties. Check and recheck before starting the project so that team members can work without interruptions. A smooth process makes team members happier. Thus the ambiance can remain positive.

Third, be clear and transparent in communication

Design a clear and transparent communication flow to support team members in their project execution. This would reduce misunderstandings between the project manager and team members and among team members. When everybody gets along, people will be more motivated.

Fourth, announce accomplishments and project milestones

Be a proud project manager whenever someone accomplishes something and reaches a milestone. Announce it to the whole team and the management. Deliver it with a big smile and positive tone so that the team can feel the positivity. Remember, the more positive the environment, the more motivated people will become.

Fifth, genuinely care about people, not a “box checker”

Some project managers are mere “box checkers.” They just do the job and check it on the form when it is completed. Be someone who truly cares about people. Pay attention to their appearance and mood; praise them when they dress well or in a good mood. Elevate positivity simply by being your positive self.

Sixth, acknowledge and reward achievements

Sometimes, the best things come in the tiniest package, and it is free of charge. Acknowledging any small achievement done by a team member on an everyday basis can be that tiny package. Say “thank you” when you passed by a member who has just completed a small project routine. Remember, any small action well done is worthy of praise. Moreover, a small “thank you” is usually sufficient.

Seventh, increase commitment with clear project benefits

Most people work for the money, including most team members. Explain to them that when a project has been successfully completed, they will gain more than the fair wages. They will be accomplishing something valuable for the company and stakeholders. If the output is something that can be used by the public, reiterate the benefits, which they can enjoy as well.

At last, building a highly-motivated team requires a good and clean heart and mind, in addition to an efficient project. As long as you tap into your innermost and remain positive, the team would follow, and the project is successful.

Author: Sanket Pai, Head, Product & Customer Experience at Celoxis

Sanket Pai

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