Productivity Killers and How to Avoid Them – Guest Post

Working for eight straight hours is almost impossible, especially with all the distractions available to us nowadays. For example, taking a quick break from a pile of paperwork could easily lead to hours of scrolling on your phone looking at nonsensical stuff. But aside from actual non-work-related elements, there are other productivity killers in the workplace. Some of these are even considered work-related or work-essential but could end up costing employees’ performance if they’re not addressed properly.

Here are some of the most common productivity killers in today’s modern offices, and the corresponding solutions to address them immediately.

Internet Surfing

As mentioned above, leisurely browsing the web is one of the most common productivity killers today. This is actually a more generalized classification, as this could be further broken down into several items, like the following:

  1. Reading non-work-related articles online – the Internet presents a wealth of knowledge, as long as you know where to look. For most users, browsing online articles from Yahoo!, Buzzfeed or even news items from trusted sources could easily lead to hours wasted doing nothing productive.
  2. Social media – with the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, we get more avenues to waste our time during work hours. Simply replying to a message or a friend request could lead to minutes wasted talking with people outside of work. You’d easily be wasting company resources browsing through timelines and photo albums of other people in these social networking sites.
  3. Online videos and music streaming – watching videos online, be it for work “research,” or just out of curiosity, is a real productivity killer. You need to spend a fixed amount of time just to gather information. Usually, watching one video is not enough so you need to search for more. Some may claim that listening to music while you work can be helpful, but when you stream it online, it opens you to possibilities of discovering new artists, songs, and more, which could easily waste your time and divert your attention.The key to addressing this productivity killer is proper, strict time management. Condition yourself to not stray from your goal, like finishing a write-up, before you do anything online. If you can’t do that, you can use apps or extensions to deliberately block you from accessing sites that could affect your performance.
  4. Meetings, Conference Calls, and Email – This may come as a shock because these are usually some of the highlights of our workday, but these could really kill one’s productivity. Imagine the amount of time wasted sitting in a meeting per week. If it eats up more than 4 hours per week, that’s already half a day’s worth of work lost. Conference calls, which usually require the attendance of many employees, eat up a lot of time, even though just a handful of people are talking with each other while others are forced to listen. Finally, email can now be a productivity killer as well especially if you receive quite a lot of it on a daily basis. Just going through your inbox just to make sure you don’t miss any mention of your name can take hours.But there’s a better way of doing these three, without really sacrificing your work hours and sapping away your productivity. Nowadays, there are collaboration and communication platforms that combine these functions, and more. A good example would be Glip, a collaboration platform from RingCentral. This allows you to create teams, chat with them, manage tasks, and more, without leaving your desk.
  5. Daily Commute – Last but definitely not the least, is the daily commute to work. This is a productivity killer especially for those who live far from their workplace or has to sit through traffic on a daily basis. Imagine starting your day feeling drained, just because the commute to work takes a lot of time or effort. Not only will you have diminished energy to take on your daily tasks, you’ll even feel tired and mentally drained halfway through the day.One way to address this is to have a work-from-home arrangement for your employees. Giving them at least a day to stay at home while working can be a big boost to their productivity. With the help of modern technology and reliable Internet almost everywhere, there’s no reason not to trust them to deliver whatever’s expected of them, even from their own living room.

There are other productivity killers in every workplace, but surely, there ways to address them properly. One way to do so is gaining more information on how to be more productive at work. Here are a few interesting articles on productivity at work.

Author: Francis has been writing for more than a decade now, focusing on Digital Marketing in the last couple of years. He is currently in charge of writing web-optimized content for RingCentral, an industry-leading cloud phone systems provider. Francis is also a voracious reader, spending most of his free time immersed in fictional worlds. You can reach him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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