Being a Celoxian: What it means – Values Interwoven with Work Ethics!

Recently we identified core values for our organization. During the entire experience of coming up with these core values, we realized the outcomes were reflecting exactly what our leaders expected and practiced all these years. it would be safe to say that Work Ethics at Celoxis are behavioral values that are vital to be understood and followed religiously to win our business goals in our ecosystem. Identifying & establishing core values and working to develop a culture of respect, trust, and honest communication is vital for running and maintaining ethical business operations for every organization.

What we understand, follow and practice Work at Celoxis is prioritizing work and placing it in the center of our work life. The outcome it leads to is the enhancement of ones’ career and maximizing customer satisfaction, and ultimately business outcomes such as revenue and profits.

Having a talent pool with strong Work Ethics is a must for achieving organizational goals.  Work Ethic is a set of moral principles, Celoxians practice in their day-to-day job, in meeting deliverables. Colleagues with great Work Ethics are role models, looked at with respect and as change drivers for the organization.

The actions and behaviors of our management and other senior staff help steer our functions and colleagues towards appropriate and accepted business practices.

How we Celoxians do it @ Celoxis :

  1. Setting time limits for achieving goals helps us to overcome the edge of discomforts.
  2. Having a positive problem-solving attitude or past goal attainment experience improves our ability to cope with the next difficulty.
  3. Hardships, difficulties in life are a normality, they become a problem when they are the same over and over.
  4. Work Ethics are intrinsic; they come from within. Hence it starts with identifying the right talent that is suitable to work for Celoxis.

World Class Deliverables – our desire to do tasks well, creating a habit and habitat for the success of Celoxis.

Addressing ethical standards for a small business like ours starts with the hiring process. Background checks represent just one tool available to us when looking to hire best of the best talent for Celoxis. Our colleagues with a strong Work Ethics care about the quality of their deliverables. They review their deliverables to produce great work, not merely churn out what is needed.

Colleagues with a strong Work Ethics often want to be looked at as dependable, showing their managers that they are resources to whom they can turn. The manager or owner of the critical assignment must be able to identify and filter out the achievers from the doers and reward them to keep their energies high. Such HIPOs who consistently demonstrate good work ethics are invaluable assets for Celoxis.

We believe in demonstrating excellence in the workplace is possible only through leading by example.

Integrity – it’s about doing things the right way for Celoxis in Celoxis.

How one does his/her job or responsibilities, involves attitude, organizational behavior, respect, and interaction.

Work Ethics, such as honesty, doing a job well, valuing what one does, having a sense of purpose and being a part of a greater vision or plan is essential for a colleague.

Our colleagues with integrity foster a trusting relationship with clients, peers, and managers. Colleagues value their co-worker’s ability to give honest feedback. Clients trust the colleague’s advice. Managers rely on the colleagues’ high moral standards, trusting him as a valuable asset.

A colleague with a high sense of teamwork, helps a team meet its goals and deliver quality work. These employees respect their peers and help where they can, making collaborations go smoother.

Such colleagues respect their bosses, good enough to work with any colleague with whom they are paired, in a productive and polite manner.

Organizational behavior guidelines at Celoxis typically also address topics, such as harassment, work attire, and language employees use in the work premises.

Integrity in Celoxis business world also means being honest when submitting an expense report or not attempting to steal a sales account from a colleague.

It is essential for every colleague in the organization to gel well with others. That includes everyone from peers to supervisors to customers to vendors. While not all colleagues will always like each other, they do need to set aside their personal or even work-related differences to reach their larger goal.

Colleagues are expected not only to treat others with respect but exhibit professional conduct in all facets of their job. That includes wearing proper attire, using language that’s considered suitable, while in the office, this maintaining a decorum. Great team players at Celoxis leave their egos at the door and find opportunities to work together.

Confidentiality is a prime example of integrity in the workplace. Colleagues have an obligation to keep certain information private. Confidentiality instills trust and encourages sincere consideration of the privacy of others.

We train colleagues to treat customers with dignity and respect and to be fair and honest with them.

Author: Sapana Sharma, Sr. Manager, HR at Celoxis


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