Top 5 Project Management Trends for 2014 – Celoxis POV

Celoxis' Top 5 project management trends of 2014

1.  Rise in distributed teams

Why: As companies scale up globally, projects will need to be executed by skilled resources that are based across locations and timezones. Availability of good talent is scattered across the globe. The need to source the best talent is not constrained by location or timezones anymore. Apart from budget constraints and resource costs, the emphasis will be on ensuring that professionals accountable for projects not only have the technical and management skills to get the job done, but also have the leadership skills to get the distributed team aligned in the pursuit of the proposed objective.

Challenges: Different teams tend to have different cultures driven by location, source of motivation, time zones and work ethics. Building a coherent project culture is a huge challenge. Project management will need to evolve into¬†Project leadership; leaders will need to manage teams differently with sensitivity to specific culture and motivational aspects to drive successful project execution. The concept of virtual/distributed teams is already a reality and companies will need to master project management in these scenarios. Implementing collaboration software alone will not be enough for a collaborative culture. Collaboration programs will only act as enablers that help create and sustain a result oriented execution focus across teams. Continue reading “Top 5 Project Management Trends for 2014 – Celoxis POV”