Celoxis Guest Blog Program

Interested in becoming a guest contributor for the Celoxis Project Management blog?

Popular among thousands of Project Management professionals all over the world, the Celoxis blog is a great platform for showcasing and spreading project management thought leadership.


  1. We prefer exclusive and unique content, between 650 – 1,200 words.
  2. Preferable topics: Project Management concepts, Productivity, Leadership, Work Culture, Business Strategy etc
  3. The content has to be an editorial, not an advertorial.
  4. Articles can include relevant images or charts. If there are no images provided, we may include relevant images.
  5. Article submissions must include: Author’s name, email, and a brief bio (No more than 100 – 120 words).
  6. Links embedded need to be relevant to the content and should not be used to directly or indirectly publicize any person, website, product or service. Such links will be removed from the article. Any links included will have a “rel=nofollow” attribute.
  7. We reserve the right to proof-read and lightly edit the article as needed.

Send in your blog entries (format: doc/docx/PDF) to marketing@celoxis.com including following details.


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